IBM Developer SuperStar Contest 2012 - Special early bird offer

Published Date
12 - Jul - 2012
| Last Updated
12 - Jul - 2012
IBM Developer SuperStar Contest 2012 - Special early bird offer

Good news for developers participating in IBM Developer SuperStar Contest 2012. IBM brings to you a special early bird offer.

Submit your brilliant idea for an app on or before 15th July and win guaranteed special early bird prize!

This is exciting for both IBM and devworx because it gives us an opportunity to offer something special to a large class of developers, a bridge to leverage their existing skills to build real applications.

We hope that our family of developers will make the most of it and continue to build applications with the skills that have created their careers. Managed or unmanaged, use the clout and craft you have to build staggering applications. We also encourage and expect a new breed of developers who will chip in to these opportunities, too – writing real, quality application.

A quick overview of the IBM Developer SuperStar Contest 2012

devworx, in partnership with IBM has announced the IBM Developer SuperStar Contest 2012. This contest instigate programming brains from around the nation to showcase their talent. All you have to do is to develop your own idea into a working reality, and you get an opportunity to be acknowledged by IBM.

Whether you're developing a new system that includes mechanical, electrical, and software components, or you're focused on the design and delivery of a software system to automate a business process, you'll have a chance to take center stage and demonstrate how your idea can make a difference, and help make the world a smarter place.

The winners will be conferred with Certificates from IBM along with: Recognition and respect in the Indian developer community and Opportunity to showcase your application to an esteemed panel of judges. The Winning applications will also be evaluated for submission to the Global Entrepreneur program for a lifetime opportunity to transform into a running business, facilitated by IBM. Last but not the least: the winner(s) gets a customized tour of the IBM Software lab and a chance to interact and exchange ideas with the experts working on new technologies one-to-one!

That’s not the end, in addition to all these lucrative prizes, devworx on its behalf will facilitate every participant who submits at least two valid presentations on working prototypes, with a six-month subscription to Digit worth Rs. 1,000/- beside many more exciting prizes up for grab.

For contest resources, prizes, terms and conditions, FAQs and to save you some time, here is the link you need.

If you haven't registered yet, your last chance to secure your place at early bird prizes is approaching fast. Don't wait for the deadline, submit your idea on or before 15th July to win a special kit! Happy Winning!

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