IB asks DoT to block 'We Phone' app over security concerns

The Intelligence Bureau has asked the Department of Telecom to block the 'We Phone' app for Android

Published Date
07 - Oct - 2014
| Last Updated
07 - Oct - 2014
IB asks DoT to block 'We Phone' app over security concerns

The Intelligence Bureau of India has asked the Department of Telecom to block an application called “We phone” as there are chances of using it for spoofing purposes by masking the identity and the location of the user 

We Phone is a application somewhat similar to Skype and Viber which lets its users make calls to other users with the same application over the internet. While services like Skype and Viber provide caller information on each end, We Phone subscribers can hide their phone numbers showing up on the other end from the app itself.

In the free version of this application the caller ID shows a number starting with +1777 on receiver's end whereas in the paid version users can substitute any number to show up in the caller ID.

IB has expressed concerns over the app which can be used for harming National security since the servers for the application are located outside of India and calls made through the application are routed through foreign servers which makes identifying the original location of a concerned number much difficult.

Source: Financial Express

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