How to enhance your password protection

Choosing the right password shouldn't be all that difficult after reading these tips to do it right

Published Date
09 - Dec - 2013
| Last Updated
29 - May - 2014
How to enhance your password protection

 As you’d have rightly guessed by now, your password needs to be secure enough. With the selection criteria for strong passwords typically including a minimum character limit, a mix of lower and upper case, inclusion of numbers and special characters, it’s quite tricky indeed. Think about it when you need to make an urgent bank transfer and your online account prompts you to change your internet banking password! When you’re prompted to change such critical passwords frequently by banks and other services at short notices, there’s no need to fret.

Go the random way
You could simply head over to a random password generator. PC Tools by Symantec Corporation would serve you right. It has a no-nonsense menu. Simply go to, If you’re the extra cautious type, select the SSL option.
Give it some thought
If you’d like to give some thought into your next password, here’s a quick way out. An easy way to approach this problem is to literally use a mnemonic. Build a sentence that contains a mix of numbers and words, and is something you exclusively know. An example would be:
I first read Digit at 9, now I am 18.
That could be your story, and you’d never forget that. But simply take the first letters of each word and reduce it down to a bunch of characters you could use as your password.
1frD@9nIm18 - I first read Digit at(@) 9, now I’m 18). The next time you’re prompted to change this password, you could probably think of your favourite sport star. 

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