How Inkjet Printing Works

Published Date
01 - Jan - 2006
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01 - Jan - 2006
How Inkjet  Printing Works
The bubble jet printer makes use of a small ink-vapour bubble inside the ink chamber

When the printer has something to print, it sends a signal to a heating element, which starts to get hotter. The vapour bubble expands from this heat, pushing the ink towards the nozzle

When the bubble gets big enough, the ink is finally pushed out of the nozzle onto the paper

When the heating element cools down, the bubble becomes smaller, allowing ink from the ink reservoir to enter the chamber

Piezoelectric Printing
The piezoelectric printer works using the property of some materials that makes them expand or contract if an electric current is passed through them

When there's something to be printed, the printer sends an electrical signal to the piezoelectric crystal, which starts expanding, pushing ink towards the nozzle

When the crystal has expanded to its fullest, it pushes the ink out of the nozzle onto the paper

When the electrical signal stops, the crystal returns to its normal size, and more ink can now come into the chamber

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