IT Next salary calculator, how does your compensation stack-up?

Compare your salary against others whose skills match yours by answering a few questions

Published Date
14 - Jan - 2015
| Last Updated
15 - Jan - 2015
IT Next salary calculator, how does your compensation stack-up?

As you move onto the next year with renewed promises and expectations, one of the things you might be considering is a job change. While you plan for your next moveout, there are critical considerations that if done properly might land you in the right place with the right compensation package.

Whether you are shifting to a new town, planning to join a new job, getting an overview of how much you are you worth vis a vis your peers in the same domain really helps. 

Here is a handy tool that helps you map how your compensation matches with others. The tool takes into consideration your location, domain and function you work for, qualifications and certifications that might have acquired, team members you manage, etc and suggest the salary bracket that is appropriate for you. 

Start your compensation evaluation

The result of the minute-long evaluator might leave feel good if your compensation stands out over others professionals in the same group. However, the biggest takeaway of this tool is when it shows a result way ahead of what you get. And hence you can start planning accordingly to reach the right bracket for you.

Take the test by answering a few questions and get a report that shows how much compensation other professionals of your experience, education, and industry verticals fetch in. Protection Status