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01 - Dec - 2007
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01 - Dec - 2007
Help! (Computing)

Whether it’s programming, Windows annoyances or building your PC, you’re covered
The best way to start on your coding journey

If you’re learning a programming language, and want to try your hand at it in small steps, with the advantage of having someone to chat with while you’re at it, take a look at CodeIDE. It allows novices and intermediate learners to code using a browser-based interface without the need to install a compiler on the local system. The site currently provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) where you can code in JavaScript, HTML, Perl, C, C , Basic, and Flex (a cross-platform development framework for creating rich Internet applications). Support for LISP, Java, and Assembler is underway.

Registration is free, and allows you to save code on the server, which can be retrieved at a later point. Once you’re done coding, you can build an EXE right from the browser and download the build / file. You can also publish your code and share it with others.

And then, there’s the chat feature: allows chatting with any member at all—or you can create your own group. At any point, if you need professional help, there’s the “On-line Teacher,” which costs $15 an hour.

Quite a novel idea, and worth trying out—primarily for small code chunks, and primarily if you’re busy doing other things.

Welcome to Hell. You know why you’re here...

PC Hell
As the name says, is one place to visit—and a good one—if you have a computer problem. The site provides exhaustive resources to deal with various problems or irritants including virus attacks, Genuine Advantage issues, removing the welcome screen in Windows XP, and more. It also goes into more advanced topics like changing a forgotten administrator password in Windows XP / 2000 / Vista, and how to run an inaccessible Regedit, which is difficult for quite a few people.

Though the site is cluttered and uncategorised at the homepage, you will excuse PC because of the sheer number of topics covered.

You get useful and detailed information on various software, including their uses, features, and screenshots of similar software. For example, you can find here a list of free CD/DVD burning software, DVD Decoders etc. It is, actually, an eclectic site—you even find reviews of software like Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware SE with detailed technical reports.

The site accepts contributions from readers. If you faced a bug and know how to solve it, mail The tip could be uploaded onto the site—and life will be that much easier for some people!

Some of the best PC-building advice you can get

Build Your Own PC
Learn how to build your own PC—even if you are a base novice. This site covers all the basics—it talks about what a PC is, some history, what constitutes a computer, etc. As an example of how thorough it is, the site tells you how the work area should be and the kind of equipment and setup required.

Then, if you do go ahead and assemble a PC, there could be instances when it doesn’t start up. The site covers common problems with newly-built PCs. If your problem is not listed, you can post a message at the relevant forum: the forums at have discussions on topics both in PC hardware as well as operating systems (including non-Microsoft OSes). You’ll also find the more advanced topics like case modding, benchmarking, and overclocking your PC and keeping it silent… it’s not just for novices.

Beyond hardware, can guide you through the installation of OSes—Windows XP, ME, 98, and Ubuntu. There are articles that give insights into Fdisk and Format, ADSL / Broadband, CPU cooling, and more.

Overall, a handy resource for the would-be enthusiast—and a great place to start.

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