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01 - May - 2005
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01 - May - 2005
Cell phones are an integral part of our lives today, and new ones hit the market almost everyday. Given the wide range of these new models available, you could go crazy looking at every manufacturer's individual Web site for new models.

Where do you go for the low down on the latest? is perhaps one of the most comprehensive sites, though it caters more to the GSM-based models than CDMA. For an Indian enthusiast, that shouldn't be a problem!

What's New?
One of the most-asked questions regarding cell phones is, "Which is the latest model?" More often than not, GSMArena will be the site to break the news on the newest or upcoming model from a manufacturer. Navigation in this regard has been eased with a list of manufacturers on the left instead of the usual menu you would find on such a site. The focus is clear.

News is in abundance and makes you wonder who's really buying all these phones that are launched daily. The GSMArena team also visits various trade shows, and highlights new developments in the cell phone arena in detail-often missed by the more general sites. News is often given in detail, and also with links, in case they have not covered the event themselves. It is, nonetheless, reliable.

GSMArena also lists phones by manufacturers, which we in India haven't even heard of. In fact, it opens up a world of new phones, and tells us that there are choices beyond the obvious ones we make.

News, Ringtones, Forums, Reviews, Logos… the works! GSMArena also has an active forum.

There are discussions on which phone is the best, to discussions on individual brands and their loyalists do all they can to defend! "Flame or get flamed" is the objective, if you may, for the general discussion. You be the judge on what the more specific discussions might be like!

While the site is based in the UK, there are users from all over the world accessing it, and you can even find a fair number of Indian users registered with the site. The only problem is that you may not be able to buy all the products being sold by advertisers or visitors to the site. One point to note, though, is that the site is selling nothing. But some of the links you would find here are truly awesome.

Another interesting tool that has recently been added is the Phone Finder that lets you search a specific model without having to sift through endless pages of cell phone models.

Search criteria include model name, brand, network, availability (if it's upcoming or discontinued), operating system (Symbian or older), weight, form factor (such as flip top, candy bar), antenna, display, camera, WAP, and so on. The advantages of the exhaustive form you have to fill up are that if you have an old phone, you could find it and check for details you didn't know.

The reviews are exhaustive and rate almost all features in addition to offering a comparison to other similar models. Not all reviews, though, are created inhouse. Some of them are  sourced from associates located in various parts of Europe.

How Is It Different?
Yes, there are tons of other sites that do the same thing but not with so much pizzaz or style. GSMArena has by far the best design (we don't quite like the colour, though) and is the easiest of the lot to navigate. Just go to and you'll know the difference. Most importantly, though, they have big photos of all the phones they list-even the upcoming models-and this makes it a treat to check out phones here. At least, it gives you an idea what the new model would look like and whether you are interested or not!

If you use a GSM phone and  change your handset at the drop of a hat, this is a site you must bookmark. Before you head over to buy the latest, it would be worth noting that they list only sellers in the UK. So what... tell your 'favourite' uncle or aunt to get it for you!

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