Google introduces app streaming to mobile advertisements

Trial Run Ads will allow users to play a game for up to 60 seconds without installing it while Interactive Interstitials lets advertisers create interactive advertisements

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04 - Dec - 2015
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04 - Dec - 2015
Google introduces app streaming to mobile advertisements

Google has introduced interactive advertisements in order to drive app installation. One of the interactive advertisements is called Trial Run Ads which allows users to try a game for a 60 seconds without installing it. They have also introduced a method of creating more engaging advertisements called Interactive Interstitials where users can touch and swipe. Google says that it found out that one of every four installed apps in phones is “never even used” and the aim of these interactive advertisements is to engage users and show off the best features of an application. 

The Trial Run Ads allow users to play a game for up to 60 seconds by streaming content of the app to their phones before they download it. This lets the user try out the game and see if it is to their liking before they install it. This leads to more relevant ad clicks and app downloads as well as pre-qualified app users. In its official blog, Google showed how these advertisements would run by showing a demo advertisement of Cookie Jam.

The Interactive Interstitials are based on HTML5. This allows for a customized user experience that is tailored to each advertisement. Interactive interstitials allows advertisers to show off the best features of an app by highlighting certain features. Google says that this type of advertisements can be as big or as small depending on the needs of the advertiser. The aim of the Interactive Interstitials is to show the value that the app will have for the user before they install it. Google’s post showed how Zalora built an advertisement which allowed users to swipe and discover an exclusive offer.

The company stated that both forms of advertisements are currently in beta and are available to a limited set of advertisers. Those interested in joining the beta need to get in touch with their account managers.

Source: Google

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