Google Docs & Sheets apps to get new UI, Office compatibility

The updates will let the two productivity apps create, share and edit files in .DOCX and Excel formats.

Published Date
02 - Jul - 2014
| Last Updated
02 - Jul - 2014
Google Docs & Sheets apps to get new UI, Office compatibility

Google’s cloud-based Docs and Sheets productivity apps are reportedly set to get some big updates. According to an Android Authority report, the updates consist of new UI designs and features for the applications.

Following Google's announcements about the new material design on Android L, the two apps are also set to get a material design revamp. The menu bar on the top has been made cleaner along with a floating button that allows for the creation of new documents. This button is quite similar to the create post button on Google+. In addition, the dropdown menu for account selection has also been tweaked and the options on the left side menu have been reorganised.

The new version of Docs is also able to differentiate between files created on Docs and MS Word. Earlier, this feature was limited to the web version of the app. Its addition allows users to create or edit Word files in the DOCX format. In addition, they can also share files as Word or PDF over email and open files from their device storage.

Further, reports say that similar changes are soon going to be seen on Sheets, which is Google’s spreadsheet tool. This allows them to edit and create Excel files along with Sheet files from the app itself. Google has also refreshed the spreadsheet editing interface and added new features like opening files from device storage, creating charts and sharing files in Excel format.

Source: Android Authority

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