Goggles For Your Prestige

Published Date
26 - Mar - 2009
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26 - Mar - 2009
Goggles For Your Prestige

Don’t drink and mail

There are stressful times that call for a couple of drinks and end up creating a mess and even embarrasment later. The hours pass by, and you get back to your senses, realising you just wrote someone a mail, you were just not supposed to. Your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend; worse still — your boss! The damage is already done... now what? You can prevent this in the future with a Gmail application.


Christened Goggles, the aforementioned activities are exactly what Google aims to avoid with Goggles. A very simple concept, Goggles works by testing how alert you are without asking you to walk on a straight line!


Suppose you generally hang around in a pub for a couple of drinks in the evenings after work, around 7 to 9 in the night, enter this window while configuring Goggles.

During these hours, if you log in to Gmail and compose an email, it will prompt you to answer five simple arithmetic problems.


Your email would be sent only if you answer the questions correctly. Not only does this application help you in such sensitive situations, but also would serve as a filter in your email account being used by bots.

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