Gizmos Galore

Published Date
01 - Dec - 2004
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01 - Dec - 2004
Gizmos Galore

Samsung A-Go-Go
Samsung Media Center Portable

With a 20 GB hard disk, the Samsung Media Center offers portable audio and video. It supports MPEG4, MP3, JPEG, and Windows Media formats. While not enjoying media via its 3.5-inch TFT LCD display, you can connect it to a TV through a composite output port. A USB 2.0 compliant port for data exchange and a rechargeable Li-ion battery complete the package.

I Have No Mouth And I Must Screen

Nintendo DS

This handheld gaming device has generated great buzz over its use of two, three-inch LCD screens. The lower one is analog and touch-sensitive; both are capable of displaying 260,000 colours.

The innovation does not end there: with the capability to host multiplayer games—over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections—using just one game cartridge, the DS truly allows “gaming anywhere, anytime.” The Nintendo DS also has stereo speakers, and a microphone with voice-recognition capability.

Stolen From 007

Nokia 7280

This thing is a cellphone. The bar-like unit twists and rotates outwards to reveal an extension to the mirror-like LCD; in this form, it can take and make calls. There is no keypad. A scroll wheel is the only means to interact with it—well that and a voice-activated interface. Oh, the slide-out design… hides a VGA camera as well, plus you get Bluetooth for hands-free headsets. Very neat!

PlayStation In Your Pocket

Sony PlayStation Portable

While the Nintendo DS is primarily a gaming device, the Sony PSP breaks all barriers in its attempt at convergence. It can play games, movies, and music via a proprietary UMD storage unit.

Its large 4.3-inch screen hides a heart that is slightly less powerful than the PlayStation2. An analog face button along with its internals brings 3D games to the handheld format. Multiplayer gaming is possible via Wi-Fi connectivity.

TV Worth Watching

NHJ V@mp VTV-101

The V@mp 'VTV-101' is a wearable TV watch. This tiny portable TV which weighs only 55 gm uses innovative technology including a Sharp 1.5-inch TFT LCD display screen, an inbuilt Sony TV tuner, and accompanying stereo earphones which double as the TV’s antenna.

Open Moto

Motorola A630

The most innovative aspect of this cell phone is its design, which merges two form factors—a traditional candybar which flips open to reveal a larger screen alongside a QWERTY keyboard. The quad-band unit has a VGA camera and Bluetooth support.

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