Published Date
01 - Aug - 2005
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01 - Aug - 2005
"Explore the world," says the tagline to the portal, and true to this, the site is a veritable one-stop solution to your most-required searches.

Just choose 'Travel' and click on the tab-what follows is a page full of categories and sub-categories that are enough to satiate even a giant's appetite for information!

Tabbed Browsing
No, we are not changing focus to the new-age browsers-rather, just making a connection between the layout of the site and the new, preferred way of browsing-tabbed. The top of the page has about 22 tabs ranging from beach vacations to cruises, airline tickets to golf, vacations, and even Gay Travel. And all this in just the 'Travel' tab.

On the homepage, though, the 20-odd tabs are all about different topics ranging from Shopping to Gifts, E-Commerce to Relationships, Sports to Casinos. Why would you want to go anywhere else?

You know us…the first thing we looked for was technology, but a dedicated tab was not to be seen. Could it be possible that this site had nothing to offer on technology? We decided to do a search and find out. Much to our relief (lest the withdrawal symptoms set in), we were greeted with a page (and a few hundred thousand more) related to technology links.

The sub categories found on this site are as 'different' as we have ever seen. Under E-Commerce, for example, the sub- categories were as specific as CRM, CRM solutions, and CRM software, yet as diverse as predictive diallers, telemarketing and Web site design. Had we stumbled upon a goldmine?

Navigation Blues
"For every hole, there's a pile of dirt somewhere else," goes an old saying. It rings truer with every moment we spend on this site. For all the variety and range of information available on this site, the navigation is that much tougher. Fonts (no matter at what screen resolution you are viewing) are uncomfortably small, and we would even hazard saying that there's just too many sponsored links that are not marked clearly. Blind links, if you like. Not very nice, we think.

Fact of the matter is, given the information and links available, traffic will grow eventually, as will ad income. But by leading visitors on a blind chase, return traffic would be scarce. Simple!

Also offered is a free toolbar that you can download and install on your browser for quick access to the Giant! Unfortunately, it did not install on our computers, but we're guessing that's only because our computers have either Firefox or Opera. Maybe it works with IE, but we're not risking turning that on.

What About Google?
Well, what about it? Google's still the numero uno for searches. And before you ask us why in the world we are telling you about the Giant!, it's best to clarify that a lot of the results we found here were the ones you would probably find only on page 1,457,236,098 using Google. It's worth a shot trying your luck here once in a while.

But the real reason to come here would be the special categorisation of information, and its obvious advantages. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think-

Team DigitTeam Digit

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