Getting The Basics Right

Published Date
01 - Jun - 2007
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01 - Jun - 2007
Getting The Basics Right
Q. I am planning on getting a new PC, but am confused about specifications. I'll be using the PC mainly for multimedia entertainment, and also for gaming. I cannot decide between an LCD and a CRT. My budget is Rs 40,000.
Raghavendra Naidu

With the reduction in Core 2 Duo prices, they're a sizzling deal.  Below is a system you can look forward to within Rs 40,000: I haven't priced components like the cabinet, keyboard, and mouse, as these are items of personal choice. However, the total cost for these shouldn't be more than Rs 3,000.

 Components My SuggestionsPrice
 Processor Core 2 Duo E63008,500
 BoardMSI P965Neo V
 RAM 1 GB Kingston DDR2 667 3000
Graphics Card Forsa 7600GS 5500
Hard Disk Samsung SP2504C (250 GB) 3500
 Monitor Benq FP71G  10800
 SMPS VIP 400W 1500
Decisions, Decisions…
Q. I have two queries: first, I'm going to buy a laptop. Which one of these should I should opt for: a Dell Inspiron 6400 or an HP Pavilion DV 2214 TU? Second, I know that CDMA mobile phones can be used for connecting to the Net. Can GSM phones be used similarly? If so, please let me know which cell phones have this capability.
Anjum Ahmad Gilani

The DV2000 series feature 14.1-inch screens, whereas the Dell 6400 Inspiron series features 15.1-inch screens. Another difference is, the DV2000 series features AMD Sempron and Turion processors, while the Inspiron 6400 series features Intel's Core 2 processors.

I'm assuming you'll mainly be using this laptop for work. Note that both brands allow for personal configurations-you can match components to your liking. With the Inspiron 6400 series, you can opt for a Core 2 Duo processor, which is more powerful than the Turion X2 processors on the HP DV2000 series. Looks-wise, the HP DV2000 is miles ahead of the dull-looking 6400.

As regards your second query, yes, using a GSM phone as a modem is very possible. All you need is GPRS activated on the phone, and its drivers installed on your PC or laptop. Any GPRS-enabled phone model will do, we'd recommed the Nokia 6030/6070, which will retail for around Rs 6,000.

The Perfect Printer?
Q. I want to buy a printer but am confused. Which is the best for me? My budget is Rs 5,000.
Taranpreet Singh Sodhi

Look no further than the HP D4168. From our tests, it's clear this is a great printer at a killer price (Rs 4,000). It also has inbuilt PictBridge support.

Cost No Bar
Q. I have a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz with an 865GBF. Will this combination support DDR400 MHz memory? I also want a pair of headphones. Performance is important for me and money is not an issue.
Gaurav Kumar

Yes, DDR400 memory will work on your motherboard. I'd suggest a dual-channel configuration for improved performance.

Really good headphones can be expensive, but since you've mentioned cost not being a factor, I suggest a look at Sennheiser as a brand. They make some of the best available circumaural headphones. You'll need to check out their "HD" series-look for the HD485 and HD555. Note that these are high-impedance headphones, and MP3 players will have a problem supplying enough juice to drive such headphones. So if you're going to be using these with a portable player, prepare to be carrying around a headphone amplifier as well! Note that Sennheisers are available in some metros, but even if you're not in a metro, you should be able to order one from your dealer.

If you want in-ear earplugs, I'd suggest the Bose Intra Ear headphones that have been featured in an earlier edition of Bazaar. These are priced at roughly Rs 5,000, but feature extraordinary comfort and superb sound quality.

If I've gone off the mark when it comes to your budget, I'd suggest looking at the Philips HP 805, which should cost around Rs 1,500.

Pinning Down A Phone
Q. I want to buy a mobile phone and I am confused with the following two models-the Nokia 6270 and the Nokia 6680. Which one will be good for me, keeping in mind features, camera, and MP3 quality? Is there a better phone than these at the same price?
Sushant Lama

The Nokia 6270 is a generation ahead of the older 6680, which was touted as the successor to the Nokia 6630. The 6270 has a slider form factor, and not only is the screen bigger and much higher resolution (240 x 320 vs. 176 x 208 pixels) but it has a better camera (2.0 MP vs. 1.3 MP).

Still, instead of the 6270, I suggest you look at the technically superior N70. The N70 will cost around Rs 1,000 more than the 6270, which is priced at Rs 13,000.

Wait For Eight
Q. I want to buy a graphics card, and my budget is Rs 10,000. Should I opt for the GeForce 7600GT? Or should I wait for the 8600GT?                                                                            
Himanshu Gogoi

The 7600GT is available for well below Rs 10,000-around the Rs 7,000 mark. The 8600GT has just been launched, and should be available in proper supply by the time you read this. At anywhere between Rs 8,500 to 11,000 it makes a much sweeter deal with better performance and Direct X10 compliance. Brands to look for are XFX, Leadtek, and Forsa.

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