iRiver PMP-140

By Team Digit | Published on 01 Aug 2005
iRiver PMP-140
I had asked him to get me some interesting stuff. What I hadn't asked him, though, was to get me an iRiver PMP-140 (Portable Media Player). It was a complete surprise (and it cost a bomb). Well, that's what friends are for-to pay each other's bills! So here's what happened with the iRiver in the first 30 days of its life or at least during the 30 days it was with me…

Day 1: The Newbie
To use this baby, I needed to charge it first. Hmm, why can't the company pre-charge it so we don't have to wait? Stupid question, but inevitable when you're dying to use a gizmo. I had to wait eight long hours while I let it charge…

Day 2: Problems Already?
The iRiver is charged, and I'm eager to connect it to the PC. I connect it and it's detected as a PNP USB Mass Storage Device. So far, so good. Next, I try to install the bundled software and face my first problem. It just doesn't install, because InstallShield has a problem.

Day 3: Music, Music And More Music!
After a lot of troubleshooting and Web browsing, I finally manage to resolve the issue. This little palm-sized device can play WMA, WAV, AVI, ASF, MPG, FM radio and display JPG and BMP files! Whoa, time to get cracking! I copy a humongous amount of music and movies to the player. After all, I need to utilise all the 40 GB of space on the drive.

Day 7: More Buttons Than I Can Handle
Yes, everything's copied and playing fine, even the DivX files. But some files, such as those with the .DAT extension, need to be converted before I can play them on the iRiver. Such a pain! And why on earth are there so many buttons on it? I would've been happy with just three.

Day 12: If You Have Got It, Flaunt It!
I've decided to debut this thingy on the bus I do my daily commute on. One part of my brain is strictly against the idea. The other just can't wait to flaunt it. I give in to the temptation... The bus is crowded and at an opportune moment, I take out the iRiver right in the company of my co-passengers. I can understand the ogling and salivating that follows. I also see some people turning green. Is it just me, or are the aliens finally taking over the planet?

Day 18: Protecting The iRiver And My Sanity
My brother has miraculously managed to delete everything there was on the iRiver. Great, I say-at least he didn't throw it on to the floor and stomp on it! Apparently, he was just trying to watch a movie. I make a mental note to keep it away from hazardous humans who cause pain to men and devices alike and make sure the 'Hold' button is on when I am not using the iRiver.

Day 25: Time For Some Fun
Today's a holiday. I decide to check the iRiver's recording capabilities. I connect it to the TV and start recording. Pity-it can only record voice and not video. After 10 hours of continuous recording, I need to take a break. The iRiver does what it promises on the manual. However, I need to charge it once more. Later, I get my family to watch a movie from the player on the TV. They still can't believe this tiny gadget costs a bomb!

Day 30: All's Well That Ends Well
I've been using the iRiver for a month now, and it still feels like I got it yesterday. I don't take it on the bus any more, much to the chagrin of my co-passengers. The 'portable' tag does not apply to the iRiver since it stays home, at least for now. Moreover, I don't mind the power outages during weekends anymore. I can get cosy and watch my favourite movie anytime, anywhere, at my own convenience. Thank God for the iRiver!

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