Hasselblad H2D-39

By Team Digit | Published on 01 Jul 2006
Hasselblad H2D-39
Just how many pixels do you need to satisfy your urge for bigger and clearer photos? 8, 10,  or 12? These numbers look minions before the  monstrous 39 MP Digital SLR from Hasselblad-the H2D-39. The H2D-39 is the latest in the rich lineage of consumer offerings from Hasselblad, which is known for producing some extraordinary cameras; their photography solutions are used even by NASA!

Almost everything about this camera's specs leave you speechless. Its shutter speed can be set to as low as a full 32 seconds. The image sensor is more than double the size of today's 35mm sensors! Images captured by the H2D-39 are about 78 MB in RAW format, and with lossless compression, 50 MB. The storage medium can be an optional 80 GB external hard disk, a CF-II card, or a PC or Mac connected through a FireWire port.

It is the intelligence of this camera, apart from the brute megapixel numbers, that makes it special. Along with image data, the H2D-39 captures an extended set of metadata to perform automated correction for colour aberration effects. This ensures that the captures are optimised to provide the finest detail that the lens can resolve.

It's difficult to imagine what justifiable use we can put a 39 MP camera to, but there sure is a longing to own one-if you have $37,000 (approx Rs. 17 lakh) to spare, that is!

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