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01 - Sep - 2005
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News, reviews, mods, links and yes, games. offers this as the bare minimum and any gaming aficionado can find his daily 'fix' of gaming dope right here. You could browse this site for hours and still come back the next day and discover something new.

True to the gamer's choice, this site is heavily infuenced with the colour 'black', and is peppered with bright coloured fonts for a truly psychedelic  appearance. Other Web sites on gaming such as or come nowhere close to's look-and-feel.

Despite this, the site remains clutter-free, thereby making surfing a breeze. The navigation menu on the left is extremely easy to access and offers links such as 'Join', 'Find Games', 'Gamespot Features', 'Game Hubs' and more.

Play! is a good source for gamers to find information on new games and even see previews of upcoming games. Archives offer a detailed look at older games-some date back to a year. Games are broadly categorised under 'Action', 'Adventure', 'Simulation' and so on.
Daily fodder for the site (read news) borders on 'Breaking News' in most cases; otherwise, it's the usual 'top stories'. is fairly comprehensive in its coverage and offers updates on PC news, Console news and even Industry news. Compared to the other gaming sites such as,'s  coverage of news wins hands down. Score One!

What's a game site without cheat codes? Nothing. Thankfully, claims to offer up to 141,713 cheat codes to various games-both, old and new. We believe them (who's counting them all?). And yes, the usual downloads, forums and updates are also scattered across the site.

But there's a lot more to than news, cheat codes and games. It also keeps up with the latest developments and reviews of the Xbox, PS2, Nintendo DS and even PSP games.

The site is replete with tips on what works best with each console. The tips have been effectively highlighted, and are easy to understand.

Among the other popular attractions is a feature called 'Button Mashing', where a general user is pitted against the team in a game of the user's choice. Another feature, 'On The Spot' offers videos, interviews and general discussions about games.

An interesting aspect is the 'Beta Test Center'-it offers readers an opportunity to report bugs and playability issues when a game is still under production.

The site also has an active forum that provides users with various options to personalise their presence on the forum. It helps them create their profiles; they can have their own blog in the 'Journal', keep a tab on the games they have looked up in the past, form groups of their own and generally, chill out!

The site is also your shopping window for games. Finally, it's all as simple as this: find, read, understand and if you like, you buy! They have it all figured out!

Mods And Expansion Packs!
If there's one thing users at must see, it would   undoubtedly be Gamespotting. Trainspotting, you say? No… Gamespotting. It's a blog maintained by the site's editors and lends insights that are otherwise 'edited' in a review or a news item.

Now that makes one wonder why not put that up in the review itself? Anyway. Well,  gamehead, what are you waiting for? You know the URL… 

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