Game Easter Eggs

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01 - Mar - 2007
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Game Easter Eggs

Max Payne (2001)
Rat Race
The 'War of the Rats' Easter egg is available in Chapter 2, Part 1. At the start of the level, you'll need to cheat to get yourself a grenade. To get the developer console edit the game shortcut so it reads as follows– "<Path>Maxpayne.exe –developer". Type GetGrenade (case sensitive) in the console window to get grenades.

Toss a grenade inside the small gap near the broken tiles, which you'll see immediately after the initial cut-scene at the beginning of the level. Max will say "I had declared war on the rats". As you progress through the level you'll come across rats armed with desert eagles!

FarCry (2004)
In the Fort level, park your buggy/jeep on the flight of stairs. You may need to wait awhile. Eventually a pig will get into the vehicle and drive it to the road and park it. If you're in the way…ROADKILL!

GTA San Andreas (2005)
GTA Rules!
During the mission "Madd Dogg's Rhymes" you will come across a guard playing a game. Listen carefully he says "Haa haa, Tanner you suck ass! Man how could Refractions mess up so bad?"
"Refractions" is a reference to Reflections, the developers of Driv3r (Driver 3). Tanner is the name of the main character in the game.

DOOM 3 (2004)
A Peek At Hell
You will come across many broken/damaged computer screens during the game. Find any one that has static showing on it and watch. After some time between the static you will start to see a red background. If you look closely, you will actually discover it's a bunch of skeletons and faces, all in red. That's meant to be a glimpse of Hell.

Star Wars KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords (2005)
Welcome to the Dark Side
If you ascend the levels and become a truly evil Sith Lord in the game, you will see your character appear amongst the Sith Lords at the start.

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos (2001)
During the Daughters of the Moon mission of the Night Elves part of the campaign just before the Undead base, you will see a lot of trees to the north. If these trees are destroyed you will free a level 7 hydralisk (from StarCraft) which will join you against the Undead base. In case you cannot pinpoint the Hydralisk use the cheat 'iseedeadpeople' to view the entire map.

Deus Ex (2003)
Yo Jord!
In NYC, you will come upon a man in the process of being mugged by two NSF thugs on a basketball court. After you deal with them, you can find a basketball and play with it. If you manage to shoot a hoop or even get very close you'll start to get messages from the developers...stuff like "Sign him up for the Knicks".

Neverwinter Nights (with Shadows of Undrentide expansion) (2003)
A Chilly Chicken…
When you first enter the town of Hilltop after leaving Drogan's school if you look carefully you'll see a small chicken pen just inside the town walls. Go up to it. You'll see most of the chickens moving around in the pen. Aside from one chicken which has a stoneskin (as the spell) texture. This chicken doesn't move at all. Right click on it to see its description. It states – "This is one cold chicken".

Resident Evil 4
Food For Thought…

This Easter Egg is available just before the fight with Del Lago. At the dock near the lake where he lives, shoot six of the fish that are swimming around. You can also shoot them from inside the lake. As soon as you shoot the sixth one, Del Lago will immediately rise up and swallow Leon whole.

Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault
May The Force Be With You!
When in the vicinity of Henderson Airfield you will come across a hut with a radio listening in on Allied planes in the air. Make sure to clear the area of baddies or you'll be toast!
Remain near the hut and you'll hear a conversation between two pilots that's been taken from the movie – Star Wars: A New Hope. It's the conversation between Luke Skywalker and Wedge just before the trench flight. Pretty apt, don't you think?

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Poking At Billy
In the Hokkaido mission, there are two guards talking about their boss' new vehicle. During the conversation one says that it has a 640-gig MP3 player as "standard" equipment.  The other replies that no one will ever need 640 gigs.
This is a evidently a jab at a comment made by Bill Gates back in 1981 about no one ever needing more than 640KB of RAM.

Delta Force 3: Landwarrior
The Abominable Snowman
Select the mission Operation Free Press. Open up the Commanders map and find the nearest crater looking landmark just to the southwest. If you go towards this area, there is a small valley with trees all around and there is a yeti just wandering around. You can shoot him, but he takes quite a beating before going down.

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