Funtrack Paintball Panzer

Published Date
01 - Oct - 2007
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01 - Oct - 2007
Funtrack Paintball Panzer
Every shoot-em-up gamer loves paintball games-it's the only way you can have the fun of gun-toting without the un-fun risk of death. War-game lovers, computer gamers or not, want added firepower when paintballing, too.

Then there's just the lazy people who want to play war games but hate the idea of all that walking, running and ducking about. Say hello to the Funtrak Paintball Panzer. This is a custom-built, mini panzer tank (yes, the WW II, German killing-machine type); it has a rollcage, a rather large paintball gun that can shoot paint-filled projectiles at over 200 kmph-while being driven! This tank will have you mimicking The Terminator and yelling "I'll be back" on the war games battlefield. Of course there are those who prefer laser tag to paintball games-lasers are safer, since paintballs can accidentally kill dogs and old people, and cause bad bruises-and there's a laser version available too. Price? Almost Rs 6 lakh. Not at all steep considering it will let you brag about being the only Indian with an actual tank at home!

InPhase Tapestry Holographic Storage
You've read about holographic storage quite a few times in Digit. And here it is: you can now go out and buy your own holographic storage drive and media! (Provided you have a seven-figure income!)

The InPhase Tapestry drive and media use holographic storage to give you (currently) 300 GB per HVD (Holographic Versatile Disc), which can be written at 20 MBps. InPhase has promised to increase this to 1.6 TB per HVD, with transfer rates of 120 MBps, in under four years. For now, though, you will have to make do with 300 GB discs, which cost $180 each (Rs 7,300). At least you'll have all your movies on a single disc! The drive, however, is a different matter altogether: and costs $18,000 (over Rs 7 lakh)… we'll leave it to you to decide if it's worth it, but we can guess.

Sony HES-V1000
Home Entertainment Server
Blu-ray is here to stay, and you think it's time you went out and bought yourself that player to be able to watch movies on Blu-ray discs. But why buy a player when you can buy an entertainment centre is what we always say...

Presenting the HES-V1000, Sony's Blu-fix for entertainment junkies. We'll let the feature-list say it all: 200 BD / DVD / CD changer, full 1080p HD output, 500 GB hard drive for even more storage (as if you need it), HDMI output, Dolby Digital and dts 5.1 audio, MP3 and JPEG playback, Ethernet port to connect to the Net for updates and media information, and even a Blu-ray disc burner so you can record on BDRs! It's a steal for $3,500 (about Rs 1,40,000), so pre-order yours today!

Elemental Designs D1-A Dodecasub
Tired of your friends showing off their new hi-fi systems, boasting of the feature sets, RMS output, and more? Just go out and get a Dodecasub and drown their ranting in earthquake-like thump! The eD D1-Dodecasub is a 12-sided subwoofer with 10-inch woofers, each capable of 600 watts RMS. Since the top and bottom of the 12-sided sub have no speakers, that comes to 10 x 600 = 6,000 watts RMS of pounding power! Of course, there's technology involved, and five of the woofers fire in phase and the other five out of phase, and all that, but who cares?

Six thousand watts RMS of power will drown out a rock concert... start saving now though, because after you shell out $2,500 (about a lakh) for this baby, you're still going to have to get speakers that can be heard over this woofer-and an amplifier that can output, oh, about 12 to 15 thousand watts RMS to power it all. Oh, and make sure you save enough for the electricity bill too.

Kharma Grand Enigma
We've included speaker sets in this section-actually, forget them. Meet the granddaddy of all speaker sets, the Grand Enigma System from Dutch audio specialists Kharma. Breaking tradition, we'll start with price: a whopping million dollars, and yes, we're talking USD!

Do you really need to know the specifications for such a system? For the inquisitive few, the speakers were custom-designed for a huge cellar in Belgium, can output 1,00,000 watts RMS, weigh 10,000 kg, and have a frequency response of 10 Hz to 100 kHz. You can't buy these off the shelf (obviously), but if you have a crore or four lying about, get Kharma to design you one.

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