FLO TV to revolutionize live mobile content with recording/time-shifting in 2010

Published Date
14 - Apr - 2010
| Last Updated
14 - Apr - 2010
FLO TV to revolutionize live mobile content with recording/time-s...


It is reported that FLO TV is all set to revolutionize live web content streaming by offering value added services like time-shifting (watch videos and streaming content like in a DVR), pay-per-view (a particular program or video being watched) and pay-as-you-go (make your payments using exclusive online services). Now, the most interesting part is the bridging of these services with smartbooks, e-readers, and tablets which could in turn communicate with the mobile TV service. It is still uncertain whether the existing hardware could benefit with this amazing innovation. However, the ability to pause a program or record a streaming video or settle the entertainment bills on the go will surely impress the casual users. With all the cards in place, it is all set for release towards the 2nd half of this year. 


Vinod YalburgiVinod Yalburgi