Fast Track to Ajax: Examples

Published Date
09 - Apr - 2009
| Last Updated
09 - Apr - 2009
Fast Track to Ajax: Examples

In the April 2009 Fast Track to Ajax, we included a small tutorial, withe the aim to teach you how to program in Ajax using examples.

To facilitate your learning experience, all the examples shown in the Fast Track are availible here for download.

Download Fast Track to Ajax Code Examples

The file contains the following code examples:

These are the same as the working examples given in the Fast Track.

Many of these files use an XML database which contains a list of movies with their rankings and earnings, and although this file is included with each example, it is also availible here for download.

XML Movies database

 In the example for Ajax Frameworks, we have used the Spry Ajax framework by Adobe, which can be downloaded here.

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