Facebook introduces AR-enabled World Effects on Messenger, copies Snapchat again

Facebook has copied Snapchat once again to bring World Effects to Messenger, an AR-enabled feature that allows you to insert 3D objects in images using the Messenger camera.

Published Date
13 - Dec - 2017
| Last Updated
13 - Dec - 2017
Facebook introduces AR-enabled World Effects on Messenger, copies...

Facebook is leaving no stone unturned in copying Snapchat’s features on its own platforms. The latest feature to be copied is Snapchat’s augmented reality objects in the form of World Effects on Messenger.

Facebook did announce that it is going big on AR at the F8 conference earlier this year and the camera app on both Messenger and the Facebook will play a big role. For World Effects, the Messenger app can put an arrow in a photo to point to a landmark, or put word bubbles like “miss you”, “bae”, and the likes over the heads of people or even conjure a celebratory robot that plays three different kinds of music.

The World Effects feature essentially lets you add 3D objects into your surroundings. There are options for using a heart, an arrow, the robot, and also a unicorn along with word bubbles.

The objects can be added by opening the Messenger Camera and then scrolling to choose from the camera effects and once selected, just tap on the effect to add it to your photo.

The feature is still in its early stages and not a lot of options are available. Nevertheless, it is expected that Facebook will add more features over time and maybe even port the feature over to other offerings.

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