Excel 2013: IBETO offers 1 lakh innovation prize [Govt. Model Engg College, Kochi]

Innovate for a Better Tomorrow!

Published Date
28 - Feb - 2013
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28 - Feb - 2013
Excel 2013: IBETO offers 1 lakh innovation prize [Govt. Model Eng...

Digit Event Promotional Feature: Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi set the ball rolling for its annual technical-managerial symposium, Excel 2013 by launching the second edition of the event 'Innovations for a Better Tomorrow (IBETO)'.

The event calls on students from across the nation to use knowledge and innovation to build a better society; inviting them to come up with ideas for innovative projects that can benefit society in some way.

Viable project ideas with maximum social impact are given the chance to be designed, developed and implemented into working prototypes over a period of five months. The organizers at Excel will provide the required funds and suitable mentors to guide selected projects.

The event promotes even simple project ideas, the only pre-requisite being positive social impact. IBETO is a huge event with an even huger cash reward of Rs.1 lakh being offered to the best implemented project, and provides an unparalleled opportunity for students to use technology to effect a positive change, in addition to being an excellent learning exercise. Other well implemented projects will receive cash rewards and other special recognition awards as well.

Students who wish to participate in the event can send in their ideas as abstracts to ibeto@excelmec.org, before March 17, 2013. More details about the event can be found on the website www.ibeto.excelmec.org.


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