Do You Need A Web Site?

Published Date
01 - Aug - 2006
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01 - Aug - 2006
Do You Need A Web Site?
An online presence has become a necessity

SAS Pvt Ltd, located at Vashi, Navi Mumbai, is a computer firm that deals in all kinds of computer hardware and peripherals, and also provides maintenance and other computer-related services. More than 90 per cent of their customers are in Navi Mumbai.

"Through our site, we want to speak about our experience,
our products, and our services"
Sanjay Agarwal,
Director, Systems And Solutions Pvt Ltd

"More than a decade has passed since we began trading our products and providing services to our clients in Navi Mumbai. We decided to start our own Web site in 1998: we felt a Web site was necessary to handle clients' needs and queries. Since then, we have observed a notable increase in the number of people approaching us for queries. Most of these people are now customers.

"Basically, through our site, we want to speak about our experience in this business, the variety of hardware and peripherals we deal in, and the computer-related services we offer. We also invite clients to enrol in promotional schemes and offers.

"We also provide support for issues relating to drivers, by providing direct links to the official Web sites of all the companies whose products we sell. We feel the necessity of a Web site to meet growing needs and attract more customers.

"We definitely recommend having a Web site, as customers these days are going online for any bit of information. An online presence has become a necessity. The Internet is becoming the primary source for information, and will soon be available on handheld devices and cell phones."

Customers prefer to come directly to our shop for deals

PC Guide, located at Lamington Road, Mumbai, is a computer retail firm that has been dealing in computer consumables, peripherals and LAN accessories since 1996. The majority of their customers are located in Mumbai.

"believe in bargaining, and don't want to get involved
in bargaining online"
Vinod Nissar,
Proprietor,PC Guide

"We've been in business for almost a decade now. Walk-ins and phone calls are our way of doing business.

"A few competitors maintain Web sites in an attempt to expand their clientele. We have not found any notable increase in their business despite their online presence. Besides this, we do not have the staff to maintain and look after a Web site. Also, customers prefer to come directly to our shop for deals. Since we are in the retail business, we believe in bargaining, and definitely don't want to get involved in bargaining online by stating the price of our products.

"Today, anybody who is interested in buying a computer-related product keeps himself updated about the products available in the market by means of newspapers, magazines and the Internet. All our customers are well-informed, and we don't think there is any need to inform them about products or features.

"We don't recommend a Web site for a small / medium enterprise, considering the human capital and monetary resources involved. Even today, a customer will buy a product only if he is completely satisfied after having personally looked at it."

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