Digit turns 13! And to celebrate we have more goodies for YOU

We go beyond the baker's dozen. Come and experience the power of 13 squared.

Published Date
21 - May - 2014
| Last Updated
10 - Jun - 2014
Digit turns 13! And to celebrate we have more goodies for YOU

Once a year, just like your birthday, Digit celebrates its anniversary... and obviously, it’s a big deal for all of us here.

The whole team has been sleep deprived this whole month, working like hamsters, and pulling out all the stops to make this anniversary issue as memorable as ever, and give you the best package you’ve ever seen.

So, before you deep dive into the contents of the June 2014 Anniversary Issue, we recommend keep your credit cards because there's no way in hell you wouldn't want to pre-book this monster!

Here’s what you’ll get:

A bigger, fatter Digit
If you struggle to fully read a regular issue of Digit, wait till you get your hands on the 13th anniversary issue. It’ll keep you engrossed and flipping through the pages way past July. OK, maybe we exaggerate... but only slightly. It’s no secret that the June 2014 issue of Digit will be massive – with almost 30 pages dedicated solely to the coverstory. It's an issue brimming with content you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Of course we retain all the regular sections but super-size the cover story to epic proportions. We don’t want to give too much away here, but rest assured it’ll be nothing like you’ve ever read within the pages of Digit before. Who says 13 is an unlucky number?


  Encyclopedia Technica Vol IV
Digit has always tried to help you navigate the confusing world of technology, and that’s where our Jargon Busters for confusing terms, and little trivia books (remember Digit mini?) come in. However, there wasn’t one single collection for everything that’s important. Until now, that is. With this fourth part of our Encyclopedia Technica series of books, we’re trying to sift through the millions of tech terms and notable people out there to come up with a must know list – discarding what we think you already know, or don’t need to know. You can’t afford to miss out on this to add to your collection of must-read, must-have Digit special edition booklets.



Fast Track to Chrome OS

Despite Chrome OS’s growing popularity across a variety of industries, it is misunderstood. Isn’t Chrome OS just a browser masquerading as an operating system? Is it all hype? How can you really use it? Well, these questions are just the start of this month’s issue of FastTrack. ystematically guide you towards experiencing your very own Chrome OS system. These surprisingly easy steps allow you to test drive and take on the operating system using its open source cousin – Chromium OS. And for the adventurous few, we even discuss the repurposing of obsolete computing machines into efficient cloud computers. We also add a chapter filled with a handy set of tips and tricks which will make your Chrome OS experience easy and enjoyable. This issue of FastTrack is your friendly guide to crossing the emerging paradigm threshold of the computing world.



There’s obviously much more to Digit readers than just being geeks. DGT is a supplement to satisfy those higher-order cravings; a magazine that complements Digit, gives the true Digit-ian a taste of the better life, a glimpse into a world that goes beyond the mere utilitarian and into the realm of the exquisite and the elegant. We check out gadgets that are works of art, a sinfully delightful combination of style and function that will awaken the Desire, Greed and Temptation in every geek.


All new Engage Empower Enhance DVD
This month we take a re-look at our standard DVDs. Now, instead of just giving you access to digital content when a broadband connection isn't available, we shift the focus to better curation. The DVDs this month are specifically designed to keep you ENGAGED, ENHANCE your knowledge with in-depth tutorials and EMPOWER you with the tools to keep your digital world in check.


Digit PDF archive
Digit through the ages. With this anniversary issue, you don’t just get one copy of Digit, you get literally hundreds. Past 13 year's worth! Just what a die-hard Digitian needs.

Pre-book your Digit 12 Year Anniversary Edition here: https://dgit.in/dgt13 !

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