DIGIT, once again comes at the top in readership

Published Date
14 - Dec - 2009
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14 - Dec - 2009
DIGIT, once again comes at the top in readership

9.9 Media wishes to thank its readers and is proud to announce that its publication DIGIT has been recognized, once again, as the #1 Technology Magazine in India in terms of readership in the 2009 Indian Readership Survey (R2). 

The IRS survey covering 350 publications across 24 states and 91 cities, found that Digit with a readership base of 1,77,000, leads the technology magazines across all age groups, SEC segments and professions.
Digit's continuing perseverance as India's No. 1 technology publication is a testament to its quality and approach. We strive to make Digit equally accessible and useful to all from novices to professionals. With each monthly issue of comes with two free DVDs and a Fast Track guide, while the magazine itself covers technology in all its personal and professional aspects. We have also recently launched our first season of Digit TV on its DVDs. 
Our community portal thinkdigit.com  is accessed by tens of thousands of visitors every day. It offers a daily technology news, product reviews, features on computers, internet and technology and has a highly active forum.
We strive to keep in touch with the pulse of our community through our forums and popular social networking websites, and conduct frequent webinars and contests for their benefit. Our efforts have not gone in vain, and for that we have you, our readers, to thank. 


Asheesh Gupta, Cofounder of 9.9 Media and Publishing Director of Digit, said "Our strategy of enhancing the content quality, scope and reach along with deeper engagement with the Digit community across print, online and on the ground seems to have struck the right cord with readers and netizens. It strengthens our resolve to be more community centric and keep our ear to the ground".

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