Digit Daily Contest: winner announcement [oct 27]

Published Date
27 - Oct - 2009
| Last Updated
27 - Oct - 2009
Digit Daily Contest: winner announcement [oct 27]

The winner of yesterday's Daily Festival contests is:


Rohan Mathew!

for correctly answering the question:


In which PSP title do you battle the Daimyo Hermitaur‭?

Answer: Monster Hunter:‭ ‬Freedom Unite

For a list of all the past winners of the Digit Daily Contest, visit this page .


Answers today's question and win exciting prizes: 

Which particles can hypothetically travel faster than light‭?‬

Enter the contest by submitting your entries along with your details at the Thinkdigit festival contest page, and don't forget to come back every day for new, challenging questions.


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