Digit celebrates 12 years!

And you get the biggest anniversary package yet. With so many goodies thrown in you just can't afford to miss this issue. At the very least the cover story will forever change the way you look at the 12 Function keys on your keyboard!

Published Date
16 - May - 2013
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16 - May - 2013
Digit celebrates 12 years!

Once a year, just like your birthday, Digit celebrates its anniversary... and obviously, it’s a big deal for all of us here.

The whole team’s sleep deprived, working like hamsters, and pulling out all the stops to make this anniversary issue as memorable as ever, and give you the best package you’ve ever seen.

So, before you deep dive into the nitty gritties of the June 2013 Anniversary Issue, sit back, get hold of that credit card, and pre-book this monster! Here’s what you’ll get:

A bigger, fatter Digit
If you struggle to fully read a regular issue of Digit, wait till you get your hands on the 12th anniversary issue. It’ll keep you engrossed and flipping through the pages till the dawn of July. OK, maybe we exaggerate... but only slightly. It’s no secret that the June 2013 issue of Digit will be massive – almost twice the regular issue – brimming with content you wouldn’t want to miss out on. We retain all the regular sections but super-size the cover story to epic proportions. We don’t want to give too much away here, but rest assured it’ll be nothing like you’ve ever read within the pages of Digit before.

Encyclopedia Technica Vol II
Digit has always tried to help you navigate the confusing world of technology, and that’s where our Jargon Busters for confusing terms, and little trivia books (remember Digit mini?) come in. However, there wasn’t one single collection for everything that’s important. Until now, that is. With this second part of our Encyclopedia Technica series of books, we’re trying to sift through the millions of tech terms and notable people out there to come up with a must know list – discarding what we think you already know, or don’t need to know. You can’t afford to miss out on this to add to your collection of must-read, must-have Digit special edition booklets.


Fast Track to Embedded Systems
The engineers reading this must already be cringing their noses going “ugh we study this” and the rest of you might be wondering “Embedded Systems? What’s that? And why should we care?”. Well first let’s address the nerds...err...engineers - this FT is nothing like your textbooks and for the rest of you, Embedded Systems are the reason the world works around you so perfectly. From the humble wristwatch and traffic signal to the complicated automobile and washing machine, literally everything around you has these little mini-computers running silently within. For anyone even remotely curious about how the world around you works, this FT is a must-have. You’ll learn everything there is to know about Embedded Systems – from the basics of hardware and software involved right upto programming embedded systems. The FT will also look into the future of Embedded Systems and the brave new world of devices that talk to each other!


For all you gaming fans out there, and life-long SKOAR! devotees, don’t miss the chance of getting your hands on yet another issue of India’s premier gaming magazine – bundled exclusively with Digit’s anniversary issue next month. Not only do we bring you the latest and greatest buzz from the world of gaming – a sneak preview of the much-awaited E3 Expo – but also the hottest game reviews, and featuring interesting game studios from the country. Excited? You should be.


Alpha Omega DVDs
This anniversary, we've packed the DVDs to the brim with the best content from the digital world. Programs, games, trailers, tutorials, the works! Don't miss our compilation of some of the most under-rated PC games of all time, not to mention a collection of the best portable apps that we could find.


Digit PDF archive
Digit through the ages. With this anniversary issue, you don’t just get one copy of Digit, you get dozens. Just what a die-hard Digitian needs.
and... DGT!
There’s obviously much more to Digit readers than just being geeks. DGT is a supplement to satisfy those higher-order cravings; a magazine that complements Digit, gives the true Digit-ian a taste of the better life, a glimpse into a world that goes beyond the mere utilitarian and into the realm of the exquisite and the elegant. We check out gadgets that are works of art, a sinfully delightful combination of style and function that will awaken greed in every geek.

Pre-book your Digit 12 Year Anniversary Edition here:https://www.thinkdigit.com/prebook !

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