Did Google announce Chrome OS fearing Microsoft's Monday announcement?

Published Date
09 - Jul - 2009
| Last Updated
09 - Jul - 2009
Did Google announce Chrome OS fearing Microsoft’s Monday announce...

So Google’s coming out with its own operating system based on the Chrome browser, and it will be a portal to the Web since we are all going towards cloud computing anyway. But why announce the Chrome OS now, out of the blue and with hardly any details? Some Internet pundits seem to think it’s because of Microsoft’s upcoming announcement on Monday.

What the announcement is from the Redmond giant is not known, although speculation is through the roof. The entire series of conjectures, rumours and speculations was fuelled by blogger Robert Scoble on his FriendFeed account, where he said: “Why did Google announce Chrome OS this week? Well, of course, Microsoft has a big announcement coming on Monday (I’m embargoed).”

The hot favourite rumour is the introduction of Gazelle, a Web browser by Microsoft Research that is essentially better at protecting your system from various Web-based attacks, and making it a smoother experience when the world moves towards Web Apps.

In no way has Gazelle been indicated as a replacement to MS-Windows or Internet Explorer. Think of it more as an independent browser that is “made with the expertise that comes with several years of developing an OS,” as researcher Helen Wang puts it.

Still, what Microsoft seems more likely to announce is the introduction of Office Web – a full, free online suite of Office applications to take on Google Docs.

Scoble has hinted that "part of the Microsoft announcement on Monday runs on Google Chrome (and Firefox for that matter)."

Keith Combs, a Microsoft evangelist, has also Tweeted recently about testing a “super secret” Microsoft software that he can’t talk about till next week.

We can’t wait for Monday to come around. Let’s hope it’s both Gazelle and Office Web!


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