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03 - Jun - 2008
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03 - Jun - 2008
Destination INDIA Campaign – 60 Cities – 1 Destination

Destination team covered 60 cities across India in a span of 1 year, organizing corporate events & meets, inviting all levels of partners in the zone covered

A year back, 15th May, 2007 Compuage had started a revolution – a revolution that was aimed towards revitalizing the Indian IT sector. This campaign attempted at reaching out and bringing the various elements of the IT industry together. The Destination INDIA team covered 60 cities across India in a span of 1 year, organizing corporate events & meets, inviting all levels of partners in the zone covered. With an overwhelming response of over 14000 partners, the destination INDIA campaign was a sure hit!

The Grand Finale – 12th May 2008 – Delhi – with over 700 prominent faces in the IT industry, the last Destination INDIA meet was a exuberant display of colours, enthusiasm & team work. The event was honoured by some prominent speakers such as Sork Lee from Creative Labs, Chelapan from Numeric Power System and Shiv Kumar from Toshiba India.

To add to the spark was the vibrant performance by Shivamani – India’s Percussion Guru! With a 204 piece percussion set, he was churning music that was enchanting enough to power the whole of Delhi.

Not to forget, the masterminds behind this concept and campaign, Compuage Infocom Ltd. that has grown from a partnership firm in 1987 to a 47 branch strong organization has a plethora of global alliance to flaunt about. Compuage, currently on an expansion mode is growing exponentially. This event marked the beginning of the proposed expansion.

The event was whole heartedly supported by its Platinum Sponsors Creative Labs, Numeric & Toshiba – and were felicitated by Mr. Atul H Mehta, CMD, Compuage. A wave of aura spread through the entire Compuage Team and all partners present for the occasion when Mr. Bhavesh announced the launch of “Destination INDIA 2”.

Also, this event also honoured Compuage Partners across India who have played a very essential and important role in ensuring the success of the Destination INDIA Campaign.

Commenting on this occasion Atul Mehta, Managing Director - Compuage Infocom, says “The destination India Campaign has helped us see some major developments. We aim to provide complete package comprising of world renowned brands, marketing opportunities and customer care facilities to our partners for a unique delightful experience”. Further, Mr. Mehta added “our objective is to provide our partners value addition by delivering quality service through our strong network and IT enabled backbone”.

Compuage Infocom has always given priority in providing cutting edge technology, prompt service, and reliability. This makes them stand out in the crowd and their growth has yet again proved them to be one of its kind, value added IT products company. As many would say, its not just about 0’s and 1’s, its about Speed, Reliability, Value Performance! The Compuage Difference!

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