Deciding Upon A Movie

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01 - Feb - 2006
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01 - Feb - 2006
Deciding Upon A Movie
A review certainly helps, but with all that is available, where does one look? We decided to check if it's the newspaper that still rules, or if the Net upsets the "old way" again.

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Finally! A day off from work, and a Saturday at that! Yippie! (Sorry, Yahoo! was taken!)

"I haven't caught a flick in ages," I thought. So it was decided-a movie! I started hunting for a newspaper. Whoops, I realised I get too many papers at home! Anyway, eeny meeny miney moe...
Time taken: 2 minutes

Looking up the movie was not difficult. I just picked up one of the papers that are dropped off at my doorstep-the tabloids have a hell of a lot of movie buzz! Let's be honest, I'm lazy! I'm not about to travel for miles to catch a movie on a day off. The papers help me decide on a movie that I'd like, and that's also playing at a theatre close to home.
Time taken: 40 minutes

Saturday morning! I woke early to read some of the reviews in the papers. National papers wait for their Sunday editions to have their say-a day too late for me. Newspapers, I found, contain very opinionated reviews, which are more entertaining than informative. Anyway, I made up my mind and called the advance booking counter.
Time taken: 20 minutes

All right! The tickets were booked, the popcorn was bought, but my friends were late! While I waited, I realised that with newspapers, you form your opinion based on stuff you've read throughout the week, rather than any one review in any one newspaper.
Time taken: 3 hours to watch the movie; for this insight into my thinking: nothing

Total Time Taken: 1 hour 2 minutes

... or get more extensive information online
Just when you stop believing in miracles, I got another Saturday off-OK, I'm lying. I would have to get to office after the movie to do this write-up. Still, I was getting to watch a movie at company expense... how many times can you claim to have done that?
Time taken: Nothing

To be honest, surfing online for reviews seems sort of strange. I had to search for some sites and soon settled on and www.nowrunning. com to read and make my choice. Though theatres and timings were available here too, they're only useful if you live in a metro. People living in small towns are better off with local papers.
Time taken: 1 hour   

The Net may not be very helpful for timings of theatres in smaller towns, but it beats the newspapers hollow with other features: I found movie trailers, which went a long way in helping me decide on a movie. Also, the reviews are more informative and exhaustive. Plus there's thousands of critics, and publishing space is cheap online!
Time taken: 30 minutes

Saturday came again, and all I had to do was make sure my friends were on time. I'd even e-mailed them the links to the trailers to entice them to not want to miss the beginning.

Time taken: My friends were on time, so, nothing

Total Time Taken: 1 hour, 30 minutes

And The Winner Is...

The Tech Way rules! Newspaper reviews are entertaining, but you've got to subscribe to the views of the same reviewers every week. Although the newspaper is a familiar constant in our lives, it leaves much to be desired when it comes to stuff like reviews and other info. Online, there are multiple reviews to read and choose from-not to mention the advantage one has with the trailers. In addition, if you were to choose a movie in its second week, the Net is a definite time saver. Next time round, if I had fifteen minutes in which to decide on what movie to watch, I'd definitely go online!

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