CSS sets up new offshore NOC in Chennai

Published Date
12 - Jun - 2008
| Last Updated
12 - Jun - 2008
CSS sets up new offshore NOC in Chennai

CSS has announced that it has set up a new offshore NOC (Network Operating Center) in Chennai

Cybernet-SlashSupport (CSS), which provides Tech Support, Remote IMS and Software Testing & Development, has announced that it has set up a new offshore NOC (Network Operating Center) in Chennai. This is Cybernet-SlashSupport's 2nd NOC in the city. The two NOCs can together house close to 200 engineers.

From its offshore NOC in Chennai, CSS will offer services that include monitoring and management of servers, network elements, storage devices and databases for its customers.

Cybernet-SlashSupport has proven expertise in network management, systems management and technologies and currently manages mission critical applications running across 6000 servers and 1200 network devices.

Dedicated for its Global customers, the NOC is a 24x7 delivery facility where CSS engineers will carry out real time services in an uninterrupted manner. The CSS NOC is equipped with dedicated switches, routers, firewall and UPS as well as redundant bandwidth, thus providing end customers a controlled and secure environment.

Commenting on the expansion, Sridhar Kulasekharan, COO, Cybernet-SlashSupport said, "We have been pleased with the success of our first offshore NOC in Chennai from where we have been providing managed services to 100 plus end customers, across the US and APAC, of an industry leader in servers and storage. The new NOC, which has been set up for multiple global customers based in the US and Europe, will facilitate central monitoring & management of their IT Infrastructure. We expect the NOC to improve productivity for our customers."

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