Create Ringtones And Wallpapers For Your Mobile Phone

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10 - Sep - 2007
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10 - Sep - 2007
Create Ringtones And Wallpapers For Your Mobile Phone
Almost all entry-level cell phones today have colour screens and polyphonic ringtones, and allow customisation of these. While most phones bundle good ringtones and wallpapers, creating some of your own has its own charm. Various applications are available for creating ringtones; we chose Create-Ringtone because apart from ringtones, it also allows you to make custom wallpapers for your screen.

You can download a 15-day trial copy of Create-Ringtone from, and if you like it-we think you will!-you can purchase it for $19 (Rs 850).

Creating A Ringtone 
The main interface of Create-Ringtone is as shown above. To create  a ringtone, select from one of the three choices listed under the Ringtones menu.

For this exercise, we'll select the source audio file from the PC; you can also get it from an audio CD. Click "Just Run Audio Converter", doing which, obviously, starts the audio converter!

From the File menu, select "Open an audio File from my PC", or press [Ctrl] [O]. From the browser window that opens, browse to any audio file-such as an MP3 file-and select one from which you'll extract your ringtone. Upon selecting the file, the application will process it and open it in the editing window.

Once the audio file has opened in the editing window, you can select the portion of the song that you want to set as your ringtone.

In the editing window, left-click where you want the portion to start, then right-click where you want to end it. Alternatively, while keeping the right mouse button pressed, drag the cursor to select the portion. The selected part will be highlighted in white.

To play the selected portion, click Play in the top panel.

While creating ringtones, do pay attention to the file size. Create-Ringtone allows saving of ringtones in both the WAV as well as the MP3 formats. If your phone doesn't support MP3, you will have to save it as a WAV file. The settings for both formats are available in the left-hand corner of the application.

For MP3, we would recommend you set the bitrate to 64 kbps. The amplifier allows you to set the loudness-don't touch this unless your MP3 is too faint. The final size of the ringtone will be shown in the status bar at the bottom.

Once the settings are taken care of, you can go to the File menu and simply click "Save my Ringtone as", give it a name, and select the file format-MP3 or WAV.

Creating Wallpapers
From the main menu, click "Just Run Image Converter". It should open the image converter, which looks pretty much similar to the audio converter; however, the tools and menus pertain to image manipulation.

From the File menu, select "Open Image", or press [Ctrl] [O]. This should open the browser. Browse to your image collection and select the image you want to use as your wallpaper.

Once the image is selected, it opens in the image converter. Create-Ringtone has an inbuilt database for screen sizes of selected phones. Just select the phone model from the drop-down list, and the application will automatically crop the image to match your screen size. If it fails to, select Custom, and specify the pixel size yourself.

After choosing the phone model and selecting the part of the image to be cropped, go to the File menu and click on "Save my Wallpaper as". Before clicking Save, give it a name and select the file format. Voila! You have a wallpaper ready for your phone.

To transfer the ringtones and wallpapers to your phone, connect it to the PC via Bluetooth, cable or infrared. 

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