Create an XP CD that requires no driver installation!

Published Date
01 - Jan - 2007
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01 - Jan - 2007
Create an XP CD that requires no driver installation!

1. Download and install Windows Unattended CD Creator from, or install it from the Digit December 2006 Utilities CD.

2. Launch the program and insert your Windows XP CD into the drive.

3. Copy all the contents of the CD. Eject the CD after copying the files.

4. In the program's first tab-"Source CD"-click Select, and select the folder to which you copied the CD's contents.

The source CD tab in Windows Unattended CD Creator

5. Select "Work in source directory" under the "Target directory for new CD" column.

6. Bypass all other options and head to the Driver tab.

7. Insert the driver CD that came with your motherboard.

8. Give a name to the driver group in the General Drivers text box, for example, "Gigabyte". Click Add.

9. Wait until all the drivers get copied. It should look something like the screenshot below. (The name you gave will appear along with its attributes).

Finalise the CD compilation

10. Head straight to the Done tab, making no changes.

11. Click Save and then on "Create ISO-image". Enter the path of where the image should be written to.

12. After completion, burn the ISO image to a CD using a disc burning tool such as Nero. You're done! 

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