Computex 2011: Vodafone unveils an Android powered web box running the Opera browser [Video]

Published Date
03 - Jun - 2011
| Last Updated
03 - Jun - 2011
Computex 2011: Vodafone unveils an Android powered web box runnin...

Vodafone has converged the TV and the mobile phone platform and integrated them into a WebBox. Here's presenting an Android enabled device which connects to your TV and uses the Vodafone GSM network to browse the web. It's basically a keyboard with a single cable (for video and audio) which connects to your TV. You can browse the internet using the in-built GSM card, web surfing is a swift thanks to the Opera Mini browser. The device is targeted at emerging markets and is currently selling in South Africa. It's a simple, low-power utility device which enables basic tasks like surfing the web, messaging, etc, on your TV. The real promise of this device lies in leveraging the apps on the Android market which would now be available right onto your home screens. So look out for it.

Siddharth ParwataySiddharth Parwatay

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