"Come see our new creation": Apple event roundup

Published Date
26 - Jan - 2010
| Last Updated
26 - Jan - 2010
“Come see our new creation”: Apple event roundup

Apple has finally made January 27th an official event., The tablet seems to be the reason, Apple is holding an event at such an unlikely 'Apple time'. Apple has only given out few invitations which say “Come see our latest creation.” We bring you a round up of what you should expect from this event and what you definitely should not.

Apple iPhone 
Don’t mistake the title to be a hint of the release of iPhone 4G. Apparently, Apple has decided on a later date to launch its flagship phone. This event still holds some value for iPhone though. An insider at AT&T has leaked that this event may see the announcement of Apple ending its contract with AT&T. Though it’s not clear which carriers will step forward to take the responsibility, AT&T is definitely not trying for a renewal.  AT&T has often leaked how much trouble iPhone has caused to its network. Due to iPhone’s huge popularity AT&T’s image is getting hurt. People are complaining about AT&T’s ‘Horrible Network’ which was not a problem before the iPhone came.  AT&T will also introduce a bunch of phones on its network to compensate for the for their iPhone loss. 
There are no official reports but Verizon is the most probable option for the iPhone. But it will be interesting to see if the users agree to pay the heavy termination fee to switch to the better connected Verizon network. Also, Apple can greatly boost its market share if it decides to introduce the device on a CDMA carrier. This move is of major consequence for Apple as they are also getting prepared to launch the next generation iPhone this year.
Apple Tablet
The reason this event is generating so much hype is purely this device. You are hearing about it - on every tech website, blog, friends and news, and wondering what makes this device so unique and special. Actually, only Apple can answer that. We have seen such major breakthroughs in technology from Apple that we can never be very sure of just what to expect from an Apple launch. It may just help in pushing the portable computer market forward by 5 years like the revolutionary iPod or iPhone.  
The Apple tablet has been tentatively titled ‘iSlate’.  Its projected cost was $1000 but according to reports Apple has learnt from its previous mistakes. It may retail for as low $700. As we saw with the Apple iPhone, a practical pricing increased their sales exponentially. The iSlate will support 3G though there are no reports suggesting the carrier. The tablet is likely to resemble the iPod Touch exactly - only an over grown version of it. It will have the same home button, power button and the volume toggle. iLounge reports that it will have two dock connectors instead of  just one.  This will allow the user to dock and charge the tablet both in landscape and portrait mode. Apple has apparently been toying with the idea of making it an excellent E book reader. They have approached many publishers to include their content on the tablet. McGraw-Hill and Hachette Book Group are few of the publishers approached. HarperCollins, The New York Times and Conde Nast are also a few big names in talks with Apple. It is quite obvious that Apple has thought of  E -books, -newspapers and -magazines as a great feature to support in their Tablet.
This event is all set to take place from January 27th i.e. tomorrow. Stay tuned as we bring you more news regarding this event and the Apple iSlate.

Shardendu GautamShardendu Gautam