Collect News Via FeedDemon

Published Date
21 - Dec - 2007
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21 - Dec - 2007
Collect News Via FeedDemon
Usually, to collect news snippets from the Internet, you have to visit your favourite Web sites over and over again. Not anymore. With an RSS reader, these news snippets can be delivered directly to your desktop, just like you get mails in Outlook. FeedDemon is one of the better solutions available for news aggregation on the Windows platform.

Step 1. Installing The Software
FeedDemon is an application you need to install. The interface is similar to that of Microsoft Outlook 2003. A trial version of the software can be downloaded from Installation is a straightforward process, and is similar to other Windows applications. Just double-click the installation file and follow the instructions.

Step 2. The FeedDemon User Interface
Once installed, a wizard walks you through the configuring process, and also introduces you to various aspects of the application.

There are three panes. The first, on the extreme left, is the 'Channel' bar; the middle one shows news items, and the right-most pane is a browser that allows you to read news from the selected Web site.

The FeedDemon User Interface

Step 3. Default Channel Groups 
The wizard has some pre-configured channel groups so you can start using the application straight out of the box. A channel group is a collection of similar news channels, for instance, in the technology channel group, you can add news channels from Anandtech, Toms- hardware, CNET, and other Web sites-just check the channel groups you would like to subscribe to.

The default channel groups

You can also go one step forward and select specific channels in the channel group. To do so, click on the ' ' sign and expand the list, and then select channels that suit your taste.

Step 4. Subscribing To A New Channel
At times, you might feel like subscribing to a particular blog or a specific Web site that offers RSS feeds but is not included in the default channel list. You will need to manually add it to the channel bar.

For adding a new channel, go to File > New > New Channel. The New Channel dialog box will open, if you have the URL of the blog or the Web site (often offered by Web sites and blogs) select the first option and click 'Next'.

Subscribing to a new channel

The second step in the process

Paste the URL in the box and select the checkbox that says 'Auto-discover and verify feeds', then click 'Next'. After entering the URL, select a name for the channel, and select the channel group for the same, so that your feeds are properly organised.

Step 5. Reading A News Item
The news item pane will list recent news snippets from a particular channel with a short lead. Just double-click the snippet in the news items pane, and the adjacent browser will take you directly to that particular Web page.

To read the next snippet, simply repeat the process. The browser supports tabbed browsing, so you can open multiple windows if you like.

Step 6. Customising The Look And Feel
You can customise the look and feel of the interface from the 'Options' page. Go to 'Tools' and select 'Options' to open the configuration page, or hit [F8] to do the same.

Customising FeedDemon

From this page, you can change the look and feel of the interface, as well as settings related to your connection and also to other features.

Step 7. Advanced Features
FeedDemon also includes a filtering system that allows filtering of inbound news based on keywords. These news snippets are delivered to the 'Watches' pane.

To add keywords, go to File > New, and select 'New Watch'. A new watch dialog box will open. Add a tile to the watch, then key in the keywords and click 'Finish'. Once done, it will segregate news items with the keywords separately in the watches pane.

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