Cheat in games without cheat codes

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01 - Apr - 2007
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01 - Apr - 2007
Cheat in games without cheat codes

A memory editor called Artmoney can be gainfully used to give yourself a false sense of greatness!

You've been playing your favourite FPS religiously for over six hours braving one obstacle after another, until you reach the final batch of levels. Here you are-numb fingers, sweaty forehead, bloodshot eyes, and the reflexes of a snail… that's when the real trouble starts. The enemies start becoming too difficult, you're extremely low on ammo, your last "good" save is ages away, and you are frustrated retrying a fight for the twentieth time. Walkthroughs don't help, and to make things worse, you can't find any cheats for the game. That's where Artmoney steps in. Regardless of whether your game has cheat codes or not, and regardless of what game you're playing, this program allows you can attain God mode, gain unlimited ammo, get as much money as you want, freeze time, increase skill points in RPGs, and much more!

What You Need
Artmoney is a memory editor. There's a freeware and a pro version available for download. Here, we'll naturally be covering the freeware version, which has limited features, but which should be sufficient for most games. Get Artmoney from Next, the game you want to cheat in needs to support task switching; if the game is prone to crash when you [Alt] [Tab] out of the game, you are pretty much out of luck. As an example, we'll be using Spider Solitaire, which is included with Windows XP.

Step 1
Hunt down your target!
Open up Spider Solitaire and set your eyes on something that you want to change. As an example, we'll use the score of 500, which you have initially in the game. Open Artmoney and click on the "Select Process" dropdown box, and select "Spider Solitaire". Try to keep the game window visible in the background as in the screenshot below.

Search and Hunt Down the Desired Code

Next, click Search and enter 500 in the box, under Type, select "All (standard)". Don't bother with the rest; click OK, and on we move to the next step.

Step 2
Will the real John Smith please stand up?
All right, don't be discouraged by the search results; these are simply from a search of the entire memory the game is using, which means all addresses in your memory that have a value of 500 are shown on the left-hand side. The trick is that only one of these results contains your score, and you have to find out which one. To do this, switch back to the game and play a bit to change your score, and note down your new score. In our case it's 495. Now switch back to Artmoney; see that button called Filter? Click on it, enter "495" in the text box, and click OK.

Highlighting all related instances of the code

What this does is, it goes through all the previous results and sees if any of the results have changed to the new value, which is 495, and shows only the addresses that have been changed to 495 on the left side. Neat, isn't it? Keep sieving until the number of results in the left hand pane won't reduce, and then use the arrow in the middle to add those results for your editing pleasure.

Step 3
Playing God
All set and finished, you have the score in your hands. You can basically do anything you want with it. God mode, literally! Go ahead and right-click on the value to the left and click Edit, enter "100", and press [Enter]. Switch back to the game and check your score: voila! Your score in the game is now 100, and you can continue playing normally with the modified score. If you want your score to stay the same, you can "freeze" the score by clicking the checkbox at the far left in the right pane of your value.

Re-energies your health/score with one click

One thing to be noted is that the freeze function is not a real "freeze" per se; it will only constantly scan the value for changes, and if any, change them back to the value we stated for it. So if you are trying to get achieve god mode, but something in the game takes down all 100 of your health in a fraction, the "death" function will trigger in an instant and you will die before the freeze function can change the value back to 100. So if you are stuck in a situation like this, you're pretty much dead.

Stick to ethics
Remember the steps-pretty simple and straightforward, as you've seen. Set your eyes on a value, be it 100 health or 30 ammo or 50 strength, search for the value in Artmoney, go back to the game, hurt yourself, shoot some, gain some more strength, switch back to Artmoney and click filter, and enter the changed amount. Cheating this way in most multiplayer games is out of the question since the values are stored on the server. Even if you succeed, you will be easily detected and rightfully kicked or banned off the server.

Have some decency and don't even try using Artmoney in multiplayer games-improve your game instead!

Mayur BhatiaMayur Bhatia