CES 2016: Toto's new toilet requires cleaning only once a year

The Neorest 750H uses a combination of UV light, electrolysed water and ultra-smooth ceramic material to remain clean for an entire year.

Published Date
08 - Jan - 2016
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08 - Jan - 2016
CES 2016: Toto’s new toilet requires cleaning only once a year

Toto, the well known bathroom and sanitaryware maker, showcased its self-cleaning toilet at CES 2016. Priced at $9,800 (Rs. 6,53,600 approximately), it is quite expensive, but comes with a lot of features to justify its pricing. The Neorest 750H is a smart toilet that can sense your presence, control the odour around it, and best of all, won’t require cleaning for about a year. Toto has achieved this by a combination of technologies. The toilet uses Actilight technology, which makes use of UV light in tandem with a photocatalytic coating to remove visible and invisible waste. The toilet uses a special electrolysis process, and uses electrolysed water that works as a weak bleach. There are two powerful water nozzles, and the bowl itself has a very smooth surface which Toto calls CeFiONtect.

The list of features is further expanded with the likes of auto lid open/close function, with flush-on-close. There are three washing modes with oscillating and pulsing water spray for comfort washing. It comes with an adjustable heated seat and adjustable spray position. It even comes with a Multifunctional Remote Control. Toto says that it is working on a newer prototype, and is likely to have more customisable functionalities.

Here is a product video of the Neorest 750H by Toto:

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