Cars, Cuties, And Cleavage

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01 - Feb - 2007
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01 - Feb - 2007
Cars, Cuties, And Cleavage

"Dashing, Debonair, Deadly, with Guns, Girls, Gadgets." That James Bond pitch was thought up a long time ago, and there's a fundamental flaw-some deviant wiring-in the male human brain that is responsible for associating girls with gadgets and guns.

We've made up our own line for the North Hall at the Consumer Electronics Show: "Cars, Cuties, and Cleavage." We haven't been there, but we hear that both cars and girls-every man's two favourite things-are featured in that Hall. Since we've already covered some Gadgets in this issue, we get to talk about the Girls here.

Sound familiar? It should if you're a regular reader: we talked about the 2006 Booth Babes last year, when the 2006 CES happened. Apparently, companies know what we geeks want, which is the latest gadgets on display along with cleavage... err... scantily clad babes...

umm... pretty women? Go there, decide for yourself whether it makes you happy or offends you. Samples provided below!

Some of the pictures leave little to imagination, with even the booth babes' faces being cut out, leaving just... well... This is an effort to conserve bandwidth we presume! See you at CES 08!

Oops, We Did It Again!                         
You can't believe we actually said that, can you? We did it because it's the last chance we'll have! See the very colourful screenshot below? That Britney-laden page is from It's Britney's biggest Internet fan club. So are we launching off again? Are you afraid that we're giving up on all those sincere promises we made?

No! We bring good news! This will be the last time (we really, really promise) we'll talk about Britney! Worldofbritney. com closed down on January 31! We took this screenshot as soon as we heard the good news!

The reason that's been cited for the site's closing is, according to Ruben Gray (who founded the site), that Britney "has been seen partying since filing for divorce from Kevin Federline," which has shocked fans on the site.

"Britney is losing her identity and credibility. Britney is done."

And done she is, as far as this page is concerned. We promise. Again. On our honour. We swear. We'll never do it again!   

Bimbo Blogger Babes?   
CES happens, and you get Booth Babes. That's natural and healthy (so we're told). But Blogger Babes?

At, we find "the utmost in feminine beauty in bloggerdom." The message is that even when they do something as intellectually demanding as serious blogging, they get labelled "Babes." But don't waste your sympathies: we're absolutely sure they didn't mind the extra attention and the free PR.

To try and see what the Babes were saying about their having gotten blogged for their looks, we visited Wendy Cheng's blog (https://, and noticed it's pink. Very pink. There's a huge pink-themed picture of Wendy bang on top of all the posts. And here's a snippet from one of her posts:

"Mike is coming to Singapore again!!!! I am sooooo happy! It's great to have a boyfriend! Now I won't have to fret on Valentine's day coz he will be here!! :D"

Intellectually demanding? We stand corrected.

If you're wondering why Wendy is popular, just look to the right:

"Stop asking me why I am popular, and read these!"-followed by a link to "classic" posts.

Below that, "Links" are bulleted with little pink hearts. We'll cease serious commentary at this point. You go figure why they get labelled "Babes."

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