Man Utd. training sessions tracked by cameras worth Rs. 5 crores!

English football club Manchester United is said to have setup high-end cameras at its training ground to improve training of its players by tracking their movements and skills on the pitch.

Published Date
04 - Aug - 2014
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04 - Aug - 2014
Man Utd. training sessions tracked by cameras worth Rs. 5 crores!

It seems that Manchester United will be well prepared for the upcoming season of the English Premiere League as their newly appointed coach; Louis Van Gaal has already started making his presence felt.

ESPN has confirmed that the club has been using cameras worth £500,000 (Rs. 5.2 crores approx.) at its training grounds in Carrington, England as well as at their pre-tournament matches which are happening in the US. The equipment is being used to observe player movements during the matches to improve on tactics and game strategies.

Defender, Johnny Evans said that "We have this system at the minute where he (Van Gaal) can watch us on the pitch. A lot of teams use it but we are looking into it in quite a lot of detail. He is saying 'you should be five yards to the right', we are able to see things that are happening live on the pitch. We went through a video recently and I was 10 yards out of position."

High-speed cameras are the perfect choice for a fast-paced game like football and with the new season of the English Premiere league on its way; all the clubs will be relying on such methods to improve their gameplay.

Source: ESPN

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