Buying Domain Names

Published Date
01 - Dec - 2004
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01 - Dec - 2004
Buying Domain Names

We got Garfield from the editorial domain and Aliasgar from the test centre domain to well, buy a domain name. While the editorial individual opted to go the good ol’ way, Aliasgar logged online even before we could say go!

This receipt confirmed the buy(aliasg

Garfield decided on buying and called up Cybersitesindia-the domain registration and hosting firm.The lady executive informed us that it would cost Rs 369 for a year. She then sent him an e-mail detailing the registration information she needed, to which he replied instantly.
Time taken  Half a day

To speed up the process, he arranged to sent the amount in cash by the company's courier. Unfortunately, the courier agent had finished his round for the day, which meant waiting for next morning.
Time taken Half a day

By mid-afternoon, the courier guy had everything done. A neat envelope containing the receipt and warm wishes by Cybersitesindia lay on his desk.
Time taken 1 day

Total Time Spent:  2 days
Total cost: Rs 369

Create an account and buy the domain online was the name chosen. Logging onto—the domain name registration Web site—a quick search  said that it was available.
Time taken  5 minutes

Ali then clicked on Custom Registration, selected the period of registration (1 year) and let the domain remain public. Here, the Internet connection died. It was not until an hour later that he went on the Step 3.
Time taken 1 hour 15 minutes

He then created a Godaddy account, entered the necessary contact and billing details. 
Time taken 10 minutes

The transaction done, he received a Confirmation receipt screen, the details of which were also sent via e-mail.
Time taken 3 minutes

Total Time Spent: 1 hour 33 minutes
Total cost: $8.70 (Rs

And The Winner Is...
Yes, the Tech way wins hands down. It’s fast: even with the Internet connection dying halfway through, it just took about an hour and a half to buy the domain. However, buying offline sure is just as simple. If you have a lot of time to spare, love sauntering around the office and just ‘thought’ of buying a domain, the Old Way is the laid-back way to go.

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