Burn vinyl records onto CDs

Published Date
21 - Feb - 2007
| Last Updated
21 - Feb - 2007
Burn vinyl records onto CDs
It's easy:

1. Connect your stereo or A/V receiver to your PC sound card's stereo input with an inexpensive minijack-to-RCA adapter cable.

2. Download and install a software encoder (such as GoldWave, Media Digitalizer, or Audio Record Wizard). Some free jukeboxes will work as well (try JetAudio or RealPlayer). If you use the latter, make sure you select "line-in" as your recording source.

3. Make sure to set the line input volume to a satisfactory level. The ideal setting is just before the left and right channels start to clip. Any louder will cause distortion.

4. Play the LP and record it to your hard drive.

5.Once it's digitized, burn it to a CD just as you would any other digital audio file.

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