Browzar 2007

Published Date
01 - Nov - 2006
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01 - Nov - 2006
Browzar 2007
Browzar is a free browser that uses the IE shell. A highlight is that it lets you surf with privacy: no cache, history, cookies, or auto-complete!

Browzar is very small-just 264 KB; it comes as an executable that runs solo! You can carry it around on a thumb drive and just start surfing sans privacy concerns. It is very light on system resources, and can therefore be run on even very low-end systems.

Now for the disadvantages: Browzar can be excruciatingly slow on dial-up connections due to the lack of a cache: when you hit the forward or back buttons, pages need to be reloaded. It doesn't support right-click, so you can't save images from Web pages.

Browzar isn't, of course, meant to be a replacement for the standard browsers; its winning points are its portability and privacy.

 Performance :         3.0
 Features :               3.0
 Ease of use :           4.5
 Value for money :    5.0
 Overall :                   3.5

Web site: ,
Price: Free

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