British Airways introduces pilot photo app to make trips more memorable

All BA pilots will have the app installed on their iPads, which would automatically send photos to customers with a graphic that shows the details of the flight

Published Date
11 - Aug - 2016
| Last Updated
11 - Aug - 2016
British Airways introduces pilot photo app to make trips more mem...

Air travel is no longer as glamorous as it used to be. For most travelers, it has become as run-of-the-mill as taking a cab. They climb aboard the aircraft and then deboard then they reach their destination. We never get to see who was in charge of safely taking us to our destination. However, the pilots of British Airways have figured out a may to not only make your trip more personal, but also memorable. 

The pilots of British Airways have developed a photo app for their customers that lets them take a souvenir cockpit picture from their flight. All 4,000 pilots will have the ‘View From The Flight Deck’ app loaded on their iPads beginning August. This app will then be used to take pictures of customers visiting the cockpit before take-off and after landing. The app would then automatically send the photo to the passenger along with a graphic that shows facts about their flight. This information includes the Captain’s name, route traveled, aircraft type, and registration. The customers are then encouraged to share the picture on social media with the hashtag, #BAUpClose.

British Airways’ Head of Flight Operations, Captain Charlie Maunder said, “As pilots we love flying and naturally want to share that with everyone, so we all enjoy welcoming customers up to the cockpit whenever possible. We're always looking for new ways to make sure everyone has a memorable flight every time they fly and our new souvenir photo flight app is a great way to help us do just that.”

The initiative is certainly quite interesting and would surely make the experience of flying more memorable and personal. Hopefully, other airlines would also start offering such incentives and remove the monotony surrounding air travel.

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