BLM-3000A Bluetooth mouse

Published Date
01 - Nov - 2006
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01 - Nov - 2006
BLM-3000A Bluetooth mouse
This laptop mouse is sleek; it has a narrow profile, reminiscent of a comet. Ergonomics is spot on; however, those with thick fingers will find the buttons a little uncomfortable. Due to the narrow "comet tail," gripping the mouse is a serious challenge.

The BLM-3000A is powered by 2 AAA batteries-which will work out expensive, unless you buy rechargeables. However, an On/Off switch is provided.

The buttons relay good tactile feedback, and the scroll wheel is nice. But at Rs 5,959, we think the BLH-3000A is atrociously priced. An RF-based keyboard-mouse combo with a laser sensor from Microsoft or Logitech costs much less.

 Performance :            4.0
 Features :                  3.5
 Bundle :                     3.5
 Value for money :       2.0 
 overall :                      3.5

Contact: MINDS (India) Pvt Ltd
Phone: 9818299663,
Web site:,
Price: Rs 5,959

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