Beyond Music

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01 - Feb - 2005
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01 - Feb - 2005
Beyond Music
An audio recorder, portable stereo system, digital library, organizer, portable hard drive …the list is endless.  What's more, your favourite 'digital companion' has an ocean of accessories to choose from. Here are a few samples: (For a complete list of accessories, head to:

A set of knit socks to dress up as well as protect your iPod. Chose from six colours.
Price: $29 (Rs. 1276)

Offers all-round surface protection. Beveled top surface enables direct plug- in of accessories.
Available in a variety of colors.
Price:  $25 (Rs. 1100)

NaviPod IR Remote
A five-button infrared remote and receiver, the naviPod places the iPod's audio controls at your fingertips
Price: $50 (Rs. 2200)

A car power adapter, which connects directly to a stereo input jack, to play the iPod while on the road.
Price:  $40 (Rs. 1760)

Battery Pack
A reliable backup battery option, the Battery Pack provides an alternate power source for your iPod, when it's internal battery runs out of charge. The Pack uses four standard "AA" alkaline batteries, and  has a useful charge-level indicator.
Price: $59 (Rs. 2596)

Leather Organizer
Apart from ensuring a snug fit for the iPod, the leather case can hold your  business and credit cards, cash and the iPod's earphones. Offers easy access to the display and wheel.
Price: $25 (Rs. 1100)

iTrip FM Transmitter
Use the iTrip FM Transmitter to play music through your car's FM radio. Custom-made for the iPod, the iTrip lets you select radio stations directly from the iPod. This plug and play device doesn't require batteries.
Price: $35 (Rs. 1540)

Car Holder
Supports your iPod in the car. The Air-Grip suction cup keeps the iPod secure and stable, lets you adjust height and reposition the iPod easily. A cable-management clip helps do away with tangled cords.
Price: $30 (Rs. 1320)

Media Reader
Use the iPod as a temporary backup device. Transfer photographs from digicam memory cards to your iPod (when your card is full) while on the move or on vacation. Supports CompactFlash (Type 1 and 2), SmartMedia, Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick, or MultiMediaCard (MMC) Price:  $100 (Rs. 4400)

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