Bengaluru based iAquadesk wins Intel IOT among 43 IoT enabled solutions

Bengaluru based iAquadesk wins Intel India's two-day Internet of Things (IoT) hackathon

Published Date
09 - Dec - 2014
| Last Updated
09 - Dec - 2014
Bengaluru based iAquadesk wins Intel IOT among 43 IoT enabled sol...

Intel India recently concluded its two-day Internet of Things (IoT) road show (22nd and 23rd November 2014) in Bengaluru,. 130 innovators from across India came together at this 24 hour hackathon to build IoT enabled solutions based on Intel® Galileo Gen 2 development board and a total of 43 solutions were created. 

The winner, iAquadesk, created a smart IoT enabled aquaculture solution that uses the principles of aquaponics. "Aquaponics“ is a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish provides nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purifies water - A self-sustaining ecosystem where plants and fish help each other to thrive. The solution takes automated corrective action to balance the variations based on data collected which can in turn help in maximizing yield, reducing risks and potentially useful in helping our water bodies. 

Other notable projects that made it to the top were Smart Shopping Cart that aims to automate the billing process and reduce waiting times, Posture Probe- a preventive healthcare solution  by continuously measuring our posture, Smart Street Lights- that help conserve energy based on traffic movement and patterns, Swachh Bharat- for efficient garbage collection and disposal, & Transynth- a gesture based sound synthesizer

Commenting on the overwhelming success of the road-show, Narendra Bhandari - Director, APJ, Intel Software and Services Group - Developer Relations Division said, “The objective of this road-show was to provide a platform for young and enthusiastic innovators and hobbyists in India to demonstrate their creativity using Intel IOT Developer Kit.  The participants demonstrated keen ways to combine sensors, the IOT Developer kit and cloud infrastructure in their implementations. IoT has the potential to improve our lives. Intel is investing with innovative products and growing the ecosystem of makers and collaborators  in India and across the globe. The practical ideas and enthusiasm of developers motivates us to further this effort”.