Becker Traffic Assist Pro Ferrari

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01 - Jan - 2007
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01 - Jan - 2007
Becker Traffic Assist Pro Ferrari

This GPS receiver is not from the Ferrari stables, but Ferrari does endorse it. To give you that Ferrari feel, the pop-up that’s displayed at startup is an exact reproduction of a Ferrari F430’s tachometer. The device, which doubles up as an MP3/WMA player, has a 4-inch touch-screen with anti glare coating. Powered by a fast 400 MHz processor, it supports 2 GB of memory on an SD card. There’s a USB port for PC connectivity. The menu features spoken instructions, and it can even be operated by voice!

Flybook VM

The innovative design of the Flybook VM is a far cry from the monotony of "regular" ones. It has a tilting screen you can pull towards you while working, and push away to enjoy a movie. Because the screen can lift up, you won't need to strain your neck when working with the laptop at a table-you can adopt a more natural posture.

The screen is a wide 12.1-inch, and the device sports a reasonably good configuration for its size: powered by Intel's energy-efficient Core Duo processor, it allows up to 2 GB of RAM. Price? A little more than Rs 2 lakh. It's all about design and ergonomics!

Alienware Aurora mALX
This beast packs in everything a gamer can hope for -for now. It bequeaths upon you immense bragging rights over lesser mortals. Just going through the specs is enough to make most hardware freaks bow in reverence.

Powered by nothing less than an AMD Turion 64 @ 2.4 GHz, this monster is loaded with 2 GB of RAM and 400 GB of storage space. For a totally immersive experience, you get HD, surround audio. The coolest thing here is two GeForce Go 7900 GTX  with 512 MB RAM each in SLI for that top-of-the-world gaming experience on a 19-inch  screen. Rs 5 lakh - too much? You decide…

Hela Glider Mouse 

The Hela Glider Mouse looks and works like an air hockey board. As you can see from the picture alongside, the Glider Mouse sits between you and the keyboard, and the actual mouse is at the centre, giving you good control. And how much comfort can you not expect from an extended gel-filled wrist-pad? With shiny things you see are customisable buttons. Pair those with the scroll wheel, and you have the ultimate in navigation comfort-without having to take your hands off the keyboard and reach out every time you need to use the mouse.

Seitz 6x17

Seitz has outdone everything in its class with its mind-numbing 160-megapixel 6x17 Digital Camera. (Sorry, we got that wrong: there's nothing else in its class!) You got that right-one hundred and sixty MP. Couple that with 48-bit colour depth, and you get images of definitions we can't speak about.
At the maximum resolution, an image is 900 MB, and you can't use Flash to store several such-so the 6x17 uses a Mac Mini as its storage device. You can control the camera remotely using a PDA. Go ahead, prove you're a real photography enthusiast: sell your house and buy the 6x17 for Rs 27 lakh!

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