Because, innovation means optimising the way you pee

This can change things more than what you think.

Published Date
02 - Dec - 2015
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02 - Dec - 2015
Because, innovation means optimising the way you pee

Pee time is relief time. More often than not, you find yourself rushing to the urinals for the relief of exhaustion, only to be conscious of the way you go about your business there. The urinal splash-back problem has accompanied mankind ever since urinals have been around, and the wisest of us have had to be wary of the way we pee, lest our light-shaded trousers look tainted without any reason.

Come 2015, and a certain few geniuses at Utah State’s Splash Lab have worked towards solving this one problem of mankind that has been more baffling than the mystery of Martian life. Led by Dr. Tadd Truscott, the Splash Lab has presented the design of what is called the “black hole of urine”. Inspired by the natural moss with super absorption capabilities, Syntrichia caninervis, the Splash Lab fit a new urinal prototype with a material called Vantablack - a carbon nanotube substance that traps light (lets it enter, but not leave), fiddled around with it, and instead of absorbing light particles, it is now capable of trapping urine, and not make it bounce back to you, leaving you with the widely-acknowledged embarrassing pee stains.

Unfortunately, this is only a presented design as of now, with Splash Lab making a presentation of this concept at a Boston fluid dynamics concept earlier last week. While hopes remain high that we shall not need to be concerned about the backlash of the urinals in a few years’ time, it does not seem likely that your bar next door will feature pee-absorbing carbon nanotube urinals very soon. Nevertheless, this happens to be one of the most profound innovation that has occurred of late. After all, what’s innovation if it does not not solve the worries of mankind and make life easier?

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