Batsman beware!

Published Date
01 - Aug - 2008
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01 - Aug - 2008
Batsman beware!

Weaknesses On Big Screen

Cricket coaches, bowlers and captains watching earlier matches and working out a strategy to tie down a star batsman of an opposite team is soon to become passe.

A Chennai-based tech company, Frontier Technologies India Pvt Ltd, has proposed using the giant digital screen on the ground to show the strong and not-so-strong points of a batsman in real time so that the bowling team can chalk out appropriate on-the-ground strategies.

Frontier Technologies have approached the cricket boards of India and Sri Lanka with a proposal and a decision is awaited. They want to do this in the ensuing India-Sri Lanka one day series in Sri Lanka, informed MS Muralidharan, Managing Director, Frontier Technologies. A six member research team is working on this project. He does not expect any problem from the sponsors of a batsman for this proposal.

Technology Frontier will also introduce a 3D animated display on the mega screen during the One Day matches which would provide in video format, the players’ performance in the match on real time basis dynamically.

Meanwhile, Technology Frontiers has secured contracts for installation of LED perimeter system and also the digital management rights from two European premier league football clubs based in Romania—FC Brasov and FC Universitatea Craiova. This is the first time an Indian company has penetrated the most exclusive European

football club.

The company has written a software programme BRIMHAST which captures every ball movement and the match from the 32 cameras installed on the football ground.

The football stadium contract is for five-year period and the revenue potential is around $5 million over the contract period. Frontier Technology is in talks with an ice hockey stadium for business in Canada. Let wait and watch whether it manages to cross over new frontiers!

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